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Our Green Policy

K&N Travel are committed to sustainable tourism in Scotland and work closely with Green Tourism. As one of the UK’s leading destination management companies we are dedicated to protecting the environment that we and our clients love. This means working to reduce our carbon footprint in the office, as well as collaborating with trusted, eco-conscious suppliers and venues throughout our events.

We’re a green bunch here at K&N, and we believe that even small changes will help keep the UK green.

Here are some of our promises, large and small:

  • We will promote the use of refillable water bottles at all our events (banning single use plastic bottles)!
  • We will recycle everything we can during and after events (minimising waste).
  • We will always favour suppliers who are eco-conscious.
  • We will work with local providers whenever possible.
  • We will always encourage clients to give back to the environment (plant a tree to commemorate your trip).
  • We will walk, cycle and take public transport wherever possible.
  • We will take part in national beach cleans (reducing plastic pollution).
  • We will only print when necessary.
  • We will always remember to pack our reusable coffee cups!