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That was a grand corporate event!

The French corporate group was greeted warmly into Scotland. Our top-class venues in East Lothian (near Edinburgh) welcomed them while we worked on every detail of our guests’ experience.

We were happy to see our clients enjoying themselves, while they were participating in wonderful activities prepared for them in the historic country house. These traditional Scottish pastimes included falconry, archery and dog and duck hurdling. Professional actors demonstrated the use of tartan and a bagpiper taught them how to play this old Scottish instrument. Next day the group had a fabulous evening in a neoclassical mansion. They enjoyed a scrumptious dinner where traditional Scottish fare was given a contemporary twist. The entertainment was a brilliant mix of music and dance. The group had a lesson in Scottish dancing. Beating the retreat was a final note in this grand evening. Such a memorable and truly special experience!

Beating the retreat

Beating the retreat