Our Chosen Charity: Cyrenians

March 21, 2020 Clare McVay

K&N Travel made the decision several months ago to work with Cyrenians as our chosen charity. They support and coordinate Scotland-wide services to help the homeless, and those at risk.

  “Cyrenians serves those on the edge, working with people at risk of becoming homeless and supporting them to transform their lives by beginning with their story, helping them believe that they can change their lives, and walking with them as they lead their own transformation.”

Homeless person on busy street corner

Photo by Ev on Unsplash

It’s a mammoth task, and the number of smaller charities and initiatives they help is astounding. Thankfully representatives from Cyrenians visited us to help break it down and tell us how we could get involved. They focus on 4 key areas:

  • Family and People
  • Home and Housing
  • Work and Skills
  • Community and Food

The last area particularly interested us, not least because we were told about a great initiative run just 10 minutes from our offices. FoodShare are a charity that come under the umbrella of Cyrenians and are, as the name suggests, a food sharing initiative. Taking surplus from supermarkets, which would otherwise go to waste, they sort and distribute it to benefit those in need. Some of the food packages will go directly to soup kitchens and others will be sold at a reduced price to prisons and schools for a small profit. Last year they sorted 20,838 tonnes of food (about two times the weight of the Eiffel Tower).

sorting food to distribute

At the beginning of March we went for a visit to find out more and lend a hand. The people at FareShare were incredibly welcoming and we learnt more about the work they did over a delicious meal in their canteen (made entirely from surplus food). Then it was time to put on the steel-toe boots and get to work! We were supervised by Callum, who patiently trained us in how to make up food orders. We obviously did okay, because then we were treated to a turn on the forklift!

operating a forklift

The day was a great insight to the work done by Cyrenians and FareShare and we can’t wait to return, as soon as we’re permitted, to help out again. In this time of great need and panic buying Cyrenians need our support more than ever, so please donate if you can, either through foodbanks or online to our sponsored Abseil in aid of Cyrenians at JustGiving*.

*We are continuing with different plans to support Cyrenians and whilst the Abseil we had planned to do for them in May has been postponed, we’ve been assured by Cyrenians that any money we raise now on our JustGiving page will still be transferred through to them in regular instalments! Thanks and take care!

sorting food into trolleys
Credit: Primary Photo by nrd on Unsplash. Secondary Photo by Ev on Unsplash.

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