Our Green Policy

At K&N Travel we are committed to contributing to the protection of the environment and to supporting and strengthening the environmental awareness and the sense of responsibility of both our team and clients.  We endeavour to achieve this by keeping in mind the impact of all our operations and services on society, the environment and nature.

The purpose of our environmental policy is to minimise the negative environmental impact of the company’s operations as much as possible. 

We aim to fulfil our objectives through the following means:

  • Environmental concerns will guide purchases and other aspects of the daily operation such as food miles
  • The daily operation is organised in such a way that responsible waste management, i.e. separation, recycling and emptying, has become a natural and understood part of the company’s functions
  • All K&N employees are encouraged to use environmentally friendly transportation when possible.
  • We will seek different ways to promote the link between environmental protection and an individual’s choice regarding their means of transportation, daily life and actions.
  • Through our customised documents and other day-to-day communications, customers will be informed of ways to respect the environment during their travels

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